In creating “Flying Monsters” for Terminix we wanted to develop a 3D creature unlike the typical blockbuster, high-budget movies. We wanted it to be unique an atypical to make the commercial grab the viewers attention off the top.

We decided to work with real land animal characteristics – large animals that would move in a massive stampede, like buffalos and elephants, but which also had the ability to fly. The idea was building a collage of attributes, forms and textures that were also in line with a termite's modus operandi. At the same time, our ideas had to go in the same direction as the client's, but without losing the organic forms, Dvein's signature.

Once every monster was finished, we got into the animation process. Our main aim was to translate truthfully every detail of the monster into movement, transmitting the fast and action-packed rhythm of the commercial. The destruction feeling was also very important, not only in the way that the monsters destroyed the houses but in the way the houses rupture. Dynamics simulation tools were used as well as manual animation were required to achieve this purpose. We also payed attention to the rhythm changes, this helps to the animation also, and so in creating sensations. We also were very accurate in choosing the framing. We wanted to amplify the sensation of weight and clearly appreciate the anatomy of the monsters so we had to locate the cameras in strategic points to give the whole scene a deeper realism.

Tools and software: 3D Studio Max, Maya, After Effects, Photoshop and Nuke.

CLIENT: TERMINIX BLACKLIST Executive Producers: Adina Sales, Andrew Linsk Producer: Michael Neithardt Associate Producer: Patrick Gantert AGENCY: Publicis Dallas EVP , ECD: Shon Rathbone SVP, Group Creative Director: Julia Melle VP, Creative Director- ART: Pete Voehringer VP, Creative Director- COPY: Steve Grimes EVP, Group Account Director: Rick Rogers VP, Management Supervisor : Molly Mann SVP Director of Integrated production – Producer: Jaime Roderer DVEIN: Direction and Art Direction: DVEIN Design and Character Development: DVEIN Producer: Esther de Udaeta Post Production: DVEIN Post Production/VFX team: Vando Music and Sound Design: HECQ, Ben Lukas Boysen Sound Mix Company Infinia, Marc Gonell and HECQ, Ben Lukas Boysen

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