Ogilvy Sydney has a nude man frolicking in bacon. Mmm.... bacon. While some might say that the American Beauty idea has been done before, for Doritos, that doesn't really count. When your entire strategy has been "user generated ads" for ten years worth of super bowls, youtube is basically flooded with amateur content with your brand name on it, and none of that is executed this well.

Meanwhile in Sydney Ogilvy knows that to execute a simple homage to an iconic film scene, you have to do it just as well, if not better, than the film scene itself. Ash Bolland at Curious and the crew made slabs of bacon look fantastic, as they rain down on our hero who is lost in his bacon-dream moment. Ogilvy are targeting all Australians who triggered by the scent of tasty bacon get "lost in their bacon moment…whatever that moment may freakishly be."

ad agency: Ogilvy Sydney Chief Creative Officer: Steve Back Creative Group Head: Shaun Branagan Senior Art Director: Wellison D’Assuncao Senior Copywriter: Scott Mortimer General Manager: Nathan Quailey Senior Account Director: Isabel Cox Account Manager: Gemma Troup Senior Planner: Ryan O’Connell Channel Planning: Clare Robinson Agency TV Producer: Gabe Hammond Director; Ash Bolland, Curious Producer; Tara Riddell DOP; Lachlan Milne Editor (The Editors); Bernard Garry Post house; ALT.vfx Media at Neo: Lauren Etcell, Tricia Tan, Joylene Mak Ogilvy Action: Marcus Millgate, Kate Warren-Smith, Sandy Field