If you want to try this out for yourself - the URL is: http://www.h2trickortreat.com. Go. Now. We'll wait.

Spoiler inside!

In true Halloween style, unsuspecting visitors to the site are asked to choose between a Trick or a Treat. Users that choose ‘Trick’ are asked to turn on their webcam to “see the world through Michael Myer’s deranged eyes”. Myer’s gruesome mask is then superimposed over the user’s face in real time. Just as they are being lured in and distracted by the quirky mask feature an enormous, close-up version of Myers rips through the screen accompanied by an ear piercing scream. Then comes the cunning part – because the user had their webcam on all along, they are then shown their reaction to the screamer. After re-living this humiliating experience users can upload their reaction to the ‘Wall Of Fear’ for everyone else to see – which a surprising amount of people are very keen to do.

Seeding: Ralphandco

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