The location we shot in is a men's room, located on the campus of an elite college. We only managed to shoot there because classes were out of session during the week we happened to be in production.

Client: Hammy’s Pizza Brand: Hammy’s Pizza Spot Title: ‘Pompous Snob Intro’ Break Date: Aug 20, 2010 Agency: Belefant, LLC City and Country: Portland, OR, USA Chief Creative Officer: Brian Belefant Art Director: Nairb T. Nafeleb Copywriter: Brian Belefant Agency Producer: Lisanne Hara Production Co: Belefant, LLC City and Country: Portland, OR, USA Executive Producer: Brian Belefant Line Producer: Lisanne Hara Director: Brian Belefant DP: Peter DeCrescenzo Editorial Company: Belefant, LLC Editor: Benni LeFrabat Composer: W. A. Mozart Sound Mix Company: New North Sound Sound Mixer: Noah Woodburn Telecine Company: Belefant, LLC Colorist: Brian Belefant Principal Performer: Christopher Toyne Film Format: HD

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