Heineken - Brad Pitt - Paparazzi - (2005) 0:60 (USA)


Heineken - Brad Pitt - Paparazzi - (2005) 0:60 (USA)

End of Second Quarter - Regional

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam
Director: David Fincher

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What does he say at the end? Before the "pick me up" bit?

And wasn't this ad supposed to show paparazzi chasing him for the beer, not for him? If that was the idea the director failed to convey it.

Pitt: "Hey, whatcha doin'? Yeah, we're still on. Hey, can you come pick me up?"

Translation: "Greetings. Our plans are still intact. Would you provide a means of conveyance?"

The paparazzi was after Pitt. It's what it does with celebs.
Pitt was after beer. It's what a guy does when he runs out of beer.

Neo remembers correctly, we wrote about that quoting the New York Post:

The ad, which will air Super Bowl Sunday, shows Pitt buying a six-pack of Heineken and being chased through the streets by paparazzi - who are really after the beer.

Seems that either the PR release described the ad wrong, or the NYP and other papers read the release wrong..... The ad does not correspond to the pre-bowl hype about the ad.


Or... perhaps it's what the Heiney PR dept. wanted the commercial to be?

To me, if the Paparazzi woulda ended up after the beer, that twist would have been more in line with a Bud Light ad, not a Heineken ad.

What's sad is that the other minute-long Heineken ad received little to no notice by the pre- and post-game ad press, and I considered it to be a damn fine spot.

I agree. That broken bottle spot was a trillion times better than this spot. And more appropriate for the brand- "it's all about the beer". This seems all about using a celebrity...and has very little to do with the beer. It's shot pretty...but that's about it.

Ive liked the way Heineken has handled its advertising a lot. But this commercial is a step in the wrong direction. Luckily the Big Drop was tight and made me forget about it. Its all about the beer!

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