Heineken Light - The Snake Skin Jacket - (2011) :30


Heineken Light - The Snake Skin Jacket - (2011) :30

It does not suit every occasion, but sometimes the snakeskin jacket is just the thing. Like when you're gonna stop the band to explain that "this here is a snakeskin jacket, and for me it's a symbol of my individuality" and prove your love to your girl.

Heineken Light



Snake fight? What's next in the campaign, a cock fight and a feather boa?
I wonder what happened to cleverness in advertising? Does anybody really relate to this? Really? A ship in international waters (I can only assume) where cobras duel and the well heeled escape the ennui of privilege? Goddamn, first thing it makes me think of is a cold Heineken Light, but only after I'd consumed the blood of the dead snake.

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