I'm beginning to think that Heineken might be a nightmare client.

We all remember the walk in closet, which was quite the runaway success for the beer brand, aired practically everywhere around the planet and nabbed itself some lions in Cannes. I guess Heineken liked it too. So they asked for "more like that".

And TBWA, Neboko responded quite well, remember the walk in fridge giant boxes? Clever. yes, I badlanded it, but I'm convinced that a freak idea-lightning strike (and a very funny one). And when they weren't littering giant walk-in fridge-boxes around Amsterdam, they had another go at the "walk-in fridge" gag, in the walking fridge version.

Then Heineken managed to get another ad in, Men With Talent, which showed the differences between men and women once again, but no fridge-joke. I guess this wasn't as successful, and Heineken must have asked for "More like that first one" again, because now we have "the tube". It's practically "walk-in-fridge" again, but with the women looking at the kitchen and the men screaming like Beatles fans over a tube-system that delivers cold cans of Heineken to the bathroom, bedroom, and even the yard.

Thing is, what they miss each time when they try and repeat the success of the first one, is the funny. It's not the shrieking men, it's not the difference between what men and women look for in a house, or a TV-show. It's this guy.

So please Heineken, can we stop the screaming men thing now? It should be enough of a hint that Bavaria mocked the whole premise, showing a man who locks the other men into the walk-in-fridge so that he can score the women without any competition. That's a guy who deserves his beer.

Agency: TBWA, Neboko Creative: Cor den Boer, Jorn Kruijsen, Jeroen van de Sande Production Company: Czar.nl Director: Bart Timmer Director of Photography: Alex Melman Producer: Hein Scheffer, Robert Nan Editor: Annelien Wijnbergen
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