Iceland really wants y'all to forget about that whole ashcloud and those failed banks and love them again, so they've kicked off their campaign "Inspired by iceland" with a contagious song and dance. It shows off the scenic landscapes, the geysers, the random nude couple frolicking, and quite a few dancetastic icelanders. They've also made a Vimeo channel showing other folks who've been inspired by Iceland - though, some Beatles fans might not have forgiven Yoko Ono just yet, even if she did build the Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavík that is a memorial to John Lennon.

This jungle drum ad is created by Fíton, Reykjavik, Iceland (, while online part of the campaign web and more stuff to come is made by Íslenska Auglýsingastofan ( The art director there is Einar Örn Sigurdórsson

Inspired by Iceland Advertising Agency: Fíton, Reykjavik, Iceland ( Executive Creative Director: Ragnar Gunnarsson ( Creative Directors: Finnur Jóhannsson Malmquist ( Producer: Pegasus ( Director: Reynir Lyngdal Published: June 2010

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