Frank Sinatra loved Jack Daniel's. And Frank Sinatra will always be eternally cool and able to sell anything. Even more so now that he's long gone. Buried 16 years ago now, with a bottle of Jack Daniel's no less. But the bottle they're selling now, the Sinatra Select, is premium, baby. We're talking $150 bucks and up.

Frank and Jack. A match made in borrowed interest heaven.

Client: Jack Daniels Agency: Arnold Executive Creative Directors: Wade Devers and Pete Johnson Group Creative Director: Erik Enberg Creative Director: Greg Almeida Art Director: Daran Brossard Copywriter: Greg Almeida Producers: William Near and Benjamin Ouellette Assistant Producers: Alex Saevitz Business Affairs: Maria Rougvie Marketing Producers: Paul Nelson, Emily Brooks, Shannon Coletti and Nicolle Fagan Production Company: Elastic Pictures Production Company Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Production Company Line Producer: Rick Brown Director: Jake Banks Cinematographer: Eric Treml Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors Editor: Parker Whipple Music Company: Pivot Audio Music Composer: Jan Kos & Guy Amitai Post Production Producer: Scott Boyajan Music: Pivot Audio / Amsterdam VFX: Elastic Pictures

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