Johnny Hardstaff at RSA film directed this Kenco ad for JWT London. In it a young man is faced with a choice, join the gangs or farm coffee? A new twist to the old "fair trade" coffee, Kenco shows us that they help kids that could fall prey to gangs by teaching them the trade of coffee farming, it's all explained at when it's ready to go live (it's not live yet). The ad itself uses the tired old "tattoo grows" visual effect to tell the story, as previously seen when Gisela Bündchen grew a tattoo in 2005 and when Christina Aguilera sprayed one on in 2007. Visually the tattoo part of the story is so subtle, I don't think this can be properly seen unless on a large screen.

... And I wonder what exactly we're helping with here... We're buying the coffee already, right? And I'm not buying whatever that gang is selling. So, how are we helping by buying this brand of coffee? Can't wait for to go live and explain it to me.

Advertising Agency: JWT London, UK Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey Creative Director: Jaspar Shelbourne Art Director: Matt Leach Copywriter: Jess Oudot TV Producer: Carley Reynolds Assistant TV Producer: Lula Boardman Planners: Neil Godber, Helen St Quintin Global Director in Charge: Paul Kirkley Account Directors: Adrian Ash, Emma Howarth, Patrick Netherton, Angus Flockhart Media agency: PHD Media planners: Sarah Nugent, Rebecca Stafford Director: Johnny Hardstaff Executive Producer: Annabel Ridley Production Company: RSA Post-production: Absolute Editor: John Smith / The Whitehouse Sound: Dan Weinberg / Greek Street Studios Music: Colin Smith, Simon Elms / Eclectic

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    Curious (not verified)

    What did you think of the campaign now that is is on the Telegraph?

    Jun 05, 2015
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    Hullo, thanks for alerting us to the fact that the coffee vs gangs page is now live, and also at

    I think the project, now that I see what the project is, with taking inner city kids out to farm coffee & study for a year is commendable and I believe this will surely help these selected kids take a better path in life. The commercial above I have the same exact opinion of, as it failed to explain what buying Kenco was doing, as the site it directed to wasn't available. I realise not every media can explain everything all of the time in an ad campaign that is a complex project like this, but even a five word line would have sufficed as the URL alone wasn't working. "Kenco helps inner city kids ..." something something.

    Jun 07, 2015

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