Lexus CT - "Miles - (2012) :90 (USA)

Jonas Åkerlund is more well-known for working with Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Madonna and fashion icons like Dior, rather than cars. Thus the crew Team One saw a different application for Akerlund’s visual storytelling. It's no Gucci fashion factory, but it does make the car look like an accessory rather than a vehicle.

Miles is the perfect mixture of Team One and Pkerlund, blending Beck's remix of Lykke Li's "Get Some" with urban trendsetters (read: fashion models wearing cool hats and flaunting tiger tattoos) to create an edgy and high-energy end product indicative of both agency and director.

Client: Lexus Spot Title: Miles Air Date: July 2, 2012 Agency: Team One CD: Jason Stinsmuehlen SAD: Ryan DiDonato Copy: Andrew Smart Producer: Beth Hagen Prod. Co.: Serial Pictures Director: Jonas Akerlund DP: Par Ekburg EP: Violaine Etienne Producer: Alec Sash Editorial Co.: Jump LA Editor: Richard Cooperman EP: Betsy Beale Producer: Gavin Carroll Post/Effects Co.: A52 EP: Jen Sofio Hall Telecine Co.: CO3 Colorist: Dave Hussey Producer: Denise Brown
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