Despite it being a little cliché, in that were showing all lifestyle of jean-wearing people, this is nowhere near as dated as that Adidas ad with the predictable couch feels. We have the standard "old man feels young", the daring "Teenage couple breaking curfew" and the standard "Indie rock stars making an album" among other classic fashionable & trendy types appearing in the ad, from skateboarders to couples arguing in the rain. Each shot is perfectly gorgeous, each scenario fresh in style, and the music isn't half-bad either. A+ for execution and the perfectly diverse cast, so safe somehow.

Wear them, dare them, abuse them, share them. You can do anything in a pair of Levi's®. Just don't bore them. #LiveInLevis

Still, when you have American jeans, it's a shame you're just being another fashion brand. This could be so many other brands, from converse to Ben Sherman, it seems to lack the Levi's soul. Have you checked the back pocket?

Client: Levi's

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    *Ahem* I hate to break up the party, but Milton Berle did almost everything in his BVD's, much more stylishly, might I add, a long time ago.

    Aug 27, 2014

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