The target audience was an existing customers (people that visit the Lima Historic Center, that do not value the atractivive the city has). Our objective was that the people change their actitudes and loved more Lima City. The strategie was give the message in the moment when the people were damaging the

To obtain our objective we put dummies that mimicked in monument, trees and benches of the Lima Historic Center, so when the people are damaging them a sensor activated the dummies and the audio began to beg them to stop damaging, this was the way the City Speaks.

After many tradicional failed campaings made by the Municipality of Lima and other marks. Mapfre, wanted to do a campaing to awareness the people about the importance of Lima Historic Center, that is Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The originality is that Insurance Mapfre was that for the first time the opportunity to Lima City speaks to the population and asked them please stop damaging and loved it more. In this way we made something that no one imagened, we made that one City Speaks for the first time in the world. In this way Mapfre generated a loved mark.

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Agency: Ogilvy Peru Client: MAPFRE Insurance Tittle: The City Speaks Creative Director: Aldo Canchaya Copywriter: Manuel Malempre Copywriter: Luis Rios Copywriter: Mario Anchorena Art Director: Luis Santillan, Enrique Benitez Acount mananger: Ursula Canchaya Account Supervisor: Katherine Carrillo Producer Director: Carla Chuiman Producers: Maria Fernanda Harboe, Jorge Castagne, Giancarlo Jacobi

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