This spot has many clichés. The overworked mom who bribes her family to do housework. The casting selection of a mom that doesn't look old enough to have three kids. The old "brand X saved my life," in a tongue in cheek way. The lazy dad who is lazy and never does anything because he is lazy and probably stupid because all dads are lazy and stupid. And of course, the client insisting they show the versatility of bacon.

Let me tell you something about bacon and its uses. It's bacon. If you aren't Jewish, Muslim, vegetarian, or on a restrictive diet, the way you eat bacon is by the handful.

Now I need to go on a tangent because I got distracted by one error in this spot.

The mom mentions she has three kids and yet you only see two (save for a crafty shot of a kid with his back facing camera that one supposes might be a third child but I doubt it.)

Then I started to wonder about this mom. Does she really have three kids? Is the third one the classic middle child, always ignored? Why wouldn't he be at dinner, salivating like Pavolv's dogs at the mere site of bacon. Is she harder on him? Does she send him to bed without his supper?

Or maybe, could it be that she's eaten so much bacon it's starting to make her hallucinate and believe she has a third child when in fact she doesn't? And of course the other two kids and dad don't care because they get bacon.

This is way more interesting to me.

Client: Maple Leaf Foods Title: Change Your Life With Bacon Agency: john st. Creative Directors: Stephen Jurisic, Angus Tucker Copy Writer: Jacob Greer Art Director: Denver Eastman Agency Producer: Anna Neilson Account Service: Amelia MacGregor and Heather Crawley Brand Experience/Planning: Allison Coggins Director: Will Beauchamp/Jamie Cussen Production Company: Aircastle Films Exec Producer: Will Beauchamp/Jamie Cussen Line Producer: Lauren Corber Editorial: Aircastle Films Editor: Anne Feldman Post Production: Aircastle Films/Susan Armstrong Casting: Jigsaw Casting Casting Director: Shasta Lutz

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