Mennen Speed Stick - Pool Skater - (2010) :20


Mennen Speed Stick - Pool Skater - (2010) :20

Here's a neat impossible feat, we know that some pools are great as skating ramps but have you ever tried skating in a full pool? Didn't think so. It'll be just like those bizarre nightmares I have where I have to fight off some monster and just as I throw a swing at them the underwater phenomena kicks in and my mean punch becomes a wussy slow-motion splash. Then when I wake up it's due to Folgers trippy sunshine happy all over the place seeping through my curtains - and my boyfriend wonders why I'm grumpy in the morning. Walk a mile in my heels, dude.

Client: Mennen Speed Stick Waterproof
Ad agency: Y&R Paris
Music: The ton ups - "Hotel life"


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