National Australia Bank - Little Wonders - (2009) :45 (Australia)


National Australia Bank - Little Wonders - (2009) :45 (Australia)

"Your world just got smaller, because we've doubled the number of ATMs" says National Australia Bank and with that they had to jump on the opportunity of using tilt-shift time-lapse, just like Deutsche Telekom / Shift did. I predict many more tilt-shift ads to come, and if you dig how the waves look in this film, do not miss the min-drama of Bathtub IV.

National Australia Bank
Agency : Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
Production Company : Good Oil Films
Director : Keith Loutit
James McGrath : Executive Creative Director
Damian Royce : Creative Director
Cameron Harris : Art Director
Seymour Pope : Copywriter
Karolina Bozajkovska : Agency Producer
Matt Long : Executive Producer
Juliet Bishop : Producer
DOP: Anna Howard
Editor: Bernard Garry @ The Editors
Visual Effects: Fin Design + Effects
Music: Nylon Studios



Miniature things are fun!

I wonder if someone who has never seen film footage before 'sees' this. Do they feel that Tilt-shift is miniature too?

If that stuff wasn't tiny then whoever made it is insulting everyone who works hard on stop motion and they're bastards.

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