Nissan Billboard spews exhaust outside New York Auto Show Javits Center

Don't worry kids, the smoke coming out of that billboard sized exhaust pipe is environmentally friendly party-smoke.

TBWA\Chiat\Day LA and Nissan have created a strategically placed, spectacular outdoor board directly outside the New York Auto Show. One side of the board has a working tailpipe that spews exhaust into the air and a headline that points to the 1000+ cars in the auto show that come with them. The other side points to the zero tailpipe, 100% electric Leaf further validating the vision of sustainable mobility that Nissan wants to offer customers around the world.

Nissan Chief Creative Officer: Rob Schwartz Creative Director: Tito Melega Associate Creative Director: John Figone Associate Creative Director: Garman Yip Art Director: Kat Ford Copywriter: Joe Hagel Account Team Credits Managing Director: Jon Castle Account Director: Ben Muldrew Account Director: Bonnie Schwartz Management Supervisor: Patrick Jones Management Supervisor: Val Tyll Account Supervisor: Liz Lefler Assistant Account Executive: Kelly Glover Assistant Account Executive: Colleen Toombs Product Strategy Director: Joel Weeks Business Managers: Jill Durand, Stephanie McCall and Robin Rossi Art Producers: Anna Willman Print Credits Producer: Bob Daniels Project Manager: Alice Pavilsko Arthaus Retouching Producer: Eric Ortega Arthaus Digital Artists: Rick Legorreta & Yin Ulmen E-Graphics, Production Coordinator: Bob Hezlep Studio Designers: Paul Russell and Riki Komachi Copy Editors: Scott Roberts and Laurie Fisher
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Excellent design and presentation, I had never seen anything like this, like everything the company does nissan excellence and quality.