Nissan Billboard spews exhaust outside New York Auto Show Javits Center


Nissan Billboard spews exhaust outside New York Auto Show Javits Center

Don't worry kids, the smoke coming out of that billboard sized exhaust pipe is environmentally friendly party-smoke.

TBWA\Chiat\Day LA and Nissan have created a strategically placed, spectacular outdoor board directly outside the New York Auto Show. One side of the board has a working tailpipe that spews exhaust into the air and a headline that points to the 1000+ cars in the auto show that come with them. The other side points to the zero tailpipe, 100% electric Leaf further validating the vision of sustainable mobility that Nissan wants to offer customers around the world.


Chief Creative Officer: Rob Schwartz
Creative Director: Tito Melega
Associate Creative Director: John Figone
Associate Creative Director: Garman Yip

Art Director: Kat Ford
Copywriter: Joe Hagel

Account Team Credits
Managing Director: Jon Castle
Account Director: Ben Muldrew
Account Director: Bonnie Schwartz
Management Supervisor: Patrick Jones
Management Supervisor: Val Tyll
Account Supervisor: Liz Lefler
Assistant Account Executive: Kelly Glover
Assistant Account Executive: Colleen Toombs
Product Strategy Director: Joel Weeks

Business Managers: Jill Durand, Stephanie McCall and Robin Rossi

Art Producers: Anna Willman

Print Credits
Producer: Bob Daniels
Project Manager: Alice Pavilsko
Arthaus Retouching Producer: Eric Ortega
Arthaus Digital Artists: Rick Legorreta & Yin Ulmen
E-Graphics, Production Coordinator: Bob Hezlep
Studio Designers: Paul Russell and Riki Komachi
Copy Editors: Scott Roberts and Laurie Fisher



Excellent design and presentation, I had never seen anything like this, like everything the company does nissan excellence and quality.

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