To promote the Nissan Juke during the Paris Motorshow, D2NA/DigitasLBi France and UNIT9's VR Studio created an Oculus Rift experience for event goers. If I'm understanding correctly, the experience was a virtual parkour-like game in which you were using your real feet to keep up with the Juke in a virtual world. In the press release, Thomas Rodier, head of events at Nissan Europe is quoted as saying this:

People come to motorshows to discover new concepts and get excited about the future. That’s why with Chase the Thrill we hope to give people a taste of the future of gaming and interactivity. Like everything we do at Nissan, Chase the Thrill has technological innovation at its heart. And it’s also a completely new way to get a feel for the Juke: you don’t drive it, you chase it!

So the best way to get a feel for the Juke, is to create a game in which you are literally (and virtually) running after your car? I appreciate the way car companies are getting experiential. But I think this an instance of valuing the latest and greatest technology over a big idea. At least when Toyota brought the Thrill to Camry, people were actually experiencing the car, not just running after it in virtual reality.

Client: Nissan Thomas Rodier - ‎Events & Motor Shows Section Manager at Nissan Europe Agency: D2NA/DigitasLBi France: Jean-Baptiste Burdin, Creative Director Anthony Banks, Senior Creative Frederic Roux, Senior Creative David Ouanounou, Account Director Martin Casilis, Senior Project Manager Axelle Pisciotta, Senior Project Manager Victor Debaere, Project Manager Production: UNIT9: Director - Gevorg Karensky Producer - Richard Rowe Project Manager - Josselin Milon Technical Lead - Maciej Zasada Game Developer - Paweł Miniszewski City Environment – Triada Studio Animation - Riccardo Giuggioli