(Nya) Moderaterna, the conservative party in Sweden, are promising more jobs as always in the national election. But not just because work pays money, and you can buy food for it, also for all the other values like improved community, social life and personal growth. As in love. The mailmen stop and snog, the passenger flirts with the busdriver, the teenagers hands meet over the fry-grill, and the two gay men eye each other lovingly over the supermarket checkout all day long to the soundtrack of "I Want to know what love is" by Foreigner. The super reads: "Love at work. Just one of the many reasons why more people should have a job".
Subtagline: Sweden's only workers party.

Nya Moderaterna Soundtrack: I Want to know what love is - Foreigner

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    Gay love in the conservatives election ad? Are you sure these are the conservatives?

    Sep 07, 2010

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