In Georgia, the tagline for is Old Irish "100% Irish". To promote it Leavingstone built a bar in a public square and had a woman tempt passers by with a Virtual Reality trip to Ireland. As the unsuspecting VR tourists were staring at scenic Irish landscapes in their VR goggles, an entire Irish pub was rolled up around them, and a scary looking big "Irish" bloke eventually told them to take the googles off. Shocked the VR tourists get to experience what it's like at a pub lock-in, singing to Sinead O'Connor and crashing beer bottles over ones head. Okay, maybe that doesn't happen in Ireland, but the pub culture is real, the beer tastes nice and that's what these VR tourists will remember. 100% Irish indeed. Crazy stunt, guys - how did you not get drunk doing it?

Advertising Agency: Leavingstone, Tbilisi, Georgia Creative Director: Levan Lepsveridze Account Director: Natia Gogia Initial Idea: Rezo Shelia Copywriter: Beqa Adamashvili Graphic Designer: Anano Martsvaladze Motion Graphics: Toka Areshidze Managing Director: Giorgi Burtchuladze Copywriter: Giorgi Avaliani Director: Tazo Narimanidze / Film Asylum Producers: Nika Gushushvili, Vako Kirkitadze / Film Asylum DoP: Temo Macharadze, Bacho Iakobidze Production Designers: Beka Sadaghashvili, Temo Kartlelishvili, Nino Injia, Levan Kvarackhelia Sound: Tengo Mandzulashvili Editor: Saba Pruidze Color: Giorgi Qobalia ​​Making of: Iva Chitidze