Is that Neal Bledsoe behind the massive beard? Neal Bledsoe was in Old Spice "Danger Zone", this non-Isiah actor is shilling a specific scent, not the whole enchilada. (Not that enchilada, stop thinking about Isiah Mustafah for a second now will you! Jebus, you people.)
Neal Bledsoe is Canadian and read for the part of Captain America - that part couldn't possible go to a non-American actor, there would have been riots. In this old Spice ad, the 'well decorated sea captain who battles monsters on a large nautical vessel' is just what the scent "Swagger" smells like..... I'm not sure I want the faint whiff of angry killer squids lingering around my man, but I'll try anything once. Twice if it tickles.

Ad agency: Wieden + Kennedy

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