One Show - Paul Rand Tribute Film (2007) 4:00 (USA)


One Show - Paul Rand Tribute Film (2007) 4:00 (USA)

A 4 minute short about Paul Rand created for his posthumous induction to the One Club Hall of Fame in 2007.

Produced for Imaginary Forces by Cara McKenney and executive produced by Maribeth Phillips. Additional I.F. credits go to designer/animators Joey Salim, Jeremy Cox and Liz Centolella and animators Andrew Chung, Sean Eno and Chase Massingill. It was edited by I.F.’s Corey Weisz, with sound design by Derek Lee

Imaginary Forces



Loverly ad porn, that.

Yeah. There were a few things in there that I didn't realize he did - in fact I have a print of that 75 UCLA poster.

This is ten kinds of awesome!

I'd love to see the other videos for the other two inductees too - wonder if they were as cool. Great animation job!

I love the snowman smoking the cigar.

I L O V E this animation. Even Dabitch's favorite kids book is in there. The music is perfect. Well done team.

Dugg. Keep digging, this is great.

Paul was god.

Are you saying "God is dead"? ;P

This really didn't blow me away, but then I'm not a Paul Rand devotee, so I guess I'm coming at it from a different place.


Whatever! As a piece of filmmaking, it left me cold and unimpressed.

Really? I thought they animated it quite well, staying true to Paul's forms while giving them life and blending them together. That can't have been easy. Especially considering they must know that rabid Paul Rand fans would watch every step with a pica ruler at hand. All they had was probably some grainy video with the interview and his design legacy, to make four minutes out of that isn't half bad. It ain't Titanic, but that's not what they're doing.

I'm very aware of what they were attempting, but as I said, I'm not one of Paul Rand's rabid fans, and even though I knew who he was, I wasn't aware of the scope of his work and achievements.

I was just saying that as a filmmaker, I didn't think the film was anything to write home about. At least not to one who doesn't worship Mr. Rand. To those of you who do, I'm sure it's manna from heaven, and I respect that.

I think it was meant for rabid Paul Rand fans.  ;) And you did learn more of his scope without yawning I hope? 

Yes I did. He was a very impressive and talented guy, and my opinion of the film does nothing to dampen my awe of Mr. Rand. :-)

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