Insights, Strategy and the Idea
We created a pallette different from the others, with a system that allowed the public to
interact and see clearly the effect of Panadol Effervescent.

Creative Execution
We put the main causes of headache floating in water, pressing the pad out to simulate the
effect effervescent bubbles, disappearing.

Results and Effectiveness
In a didactic way, we showed the benefits of our product. We made people comment.
Everyone who heard about it start to pass by to interact with it even though the bus stop
wasn't theirs.

Agency: Ogilvy Peru Client: GlaxoSmithKline Product: Panadol Efervescent Creative General Director: Aldo Canchaya Copywriter: Manuel Malempre Art Director: Luis Santillan Producer Director: Carla Chuiman Producer: María Fernanda Harboe, Jorge Castagne Photographer: Fernando “Mondongo” Quevedo