Papakura / Franklin District Councils / Road Safety - Bleeding Billboard (2009) 1:31 (New Zealand)


Papakura / Franklin District Councils / Road Safety - Bleeding Billboard (2009) 1:31 (New Zealand)

Bleeding billboards? Why yes, how else would you demonstrate that rain changes everything but by letting rain change the billboard from a cute kids portrait to a shot of a poor boy who's clearly just been in an accident and bleeding all over his face. I'm naming New Zealand the country that is king of the interactive / ambient billboard now.

Client: Papakura / Franklin District Councils
Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland

Steven Boniface (Photographer)
Nick Worthington (Executive Creative Director)
Emmanuel Bougneres (Art Director)
Nick Worthington (Copywriter)
Paul Courtney (Agency Producer)
Rollercoaster Design (Producer)
Account Director: Scott Coldham
Senior Account Manager: Janelle Van Wonderen



A billboard to distract drivers while they are driving in hazardous weather conditions.

This bleeding billboard is cropping up everywhere around th web now, Gizmodo, Metafilter, etc. Quite popular.

PLEASE SEE FILM HERE Dabitch has removed the embed due to pop-ups, sorry.

Ha! You find the weirdest clips. :)

It's all been done before. ;-)

Another bleeding billboard can be in found in the Simpsons episode, Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie (fourth season, six episode, November 3, 1992)

"A blood-spouting billboard spews (hopefully fake) cat blood into a
newlywed couple's open convertible. They take it in good humor."

Eh, why is there a pop-up opening here? Adland never does shit like that.

I've seen "bleeding" billboards before, I'm sure of it. But when I try and find it I only find this runny mascara billboard, so maybe that's what I was thinking of.

Ew ew ew! That pop-up you were complaining about appeared via the embedded film that TDD shared. Sorry for editing your comment TDD, but I can't stand pop-ups and quite dislike other sites trying to take advantage of our traffic, that felt icky.

.....Also, damn gotta remember to say everything I meant to say in one comment - I recall other "water affected billboards" like one with acid rain in London that won a truckload of awards, where the image melted away (or appeared? It was a long time ago...) but none that were bleeding, so you're probably thinking of one of them.

Is that Mascara thing even real? I've seen it on those designer/ad-blogs that collect ads and ad-ideas into one big post but it seems a rather non Max-factory idea. I presume the viewer is supposed to think that one eye does not have waterproof mascara and the other one (above product, that does not run) does. That's a lot of faith in the punter in the beauty-category that I'm not accustomed to seeing, makeup ads tend to over-explain everything (model to the left, product to the right! Extra Length! Extra volume! Extra extra! 100% Silicon! Super long lashes! AND WATERPROOF!)

I remember the acid rain one. The image "melted away".

I hate those pop-ups! Had I'd known it was going to do that, I wouldn't have used it! I apologize. :-(

My point of the video I posted is simply the "bleeding" billboard reminds me of the "bleeding" religious paintings and statues that have been done so many times before. To me, the "bleeding" billboard isn't a new idea. ;-)

I also don't think a billboard that intentionally distracts a driver specifically during adverse weather conditions warning the driver to pay more attention when driving in adverse weather conditions is very well thought out if the intention of the ad is to reduce automobile related fatalities. It doesn't make any sense to me. :-P

No worries, I know you didn't intend the pop-up and in fact, it didn't do it when you first posted the film. Was a new trick. ;)

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