Despite your typical disapproving look from the mother in this ad, when the son returns home at the crack of dawn, this ad does not have the typical ending you might expect. Pretty powerful stuff from Zig, Toronto, for Pfizer reminding us all that it takes more than just medication to get better -

Martin Beauvais : Creative Director
Niall Kelly : Art Director
Goeff Morgan : Copywriter
Dave Medlock : Agency Producer
James Davis : Executive Producer
Kelly King : Producer
Director : John Mastromonaco
DoP : John Houtman
Production Company : Untitled Films, Toronto

For more on this commercial, you can read Media In Canada "Pfizer launches its first viral"

As part of its "More than Medication" initiative, Pfizer Canada just launched its first-ever corporate viral film, Graffiti. The powerful 90-second online film, follows a teen graffiti artist spraying a message in a dark, urban alleyway, who then comes home to his seriously ill younger sister, and pulls back her curtains to reveal his tagged message of hope "Be Brave".


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