Today, Philips launches ‘Nigel and Victoria’ a new online-only comedy show, or a non-romantic comedy because Nigel is failing miserably to score, and it previews new lifestyle products including iPad accessories, a solar rechargeable power pack, and different types of headphones.

Thus the web series follows the off screen romance between the sexy, gadget-crazy Victoria, who reviews Philips products; and Nigel, the loveable and very British, marketing manager from Philips who just can’t stop interfering. The show’s a classic case of Boy meets Girl, Girl meets Boy. Boy loves Girl. Girl doesn’t love Boy. Boy embarks on endless ways to impress Girl - it’s a love story told in three and a half minute episodes. Fans can follow Victoria on Twitter: @victoriareviews and also follow Nigel and Victoria on Facebook:
Gary Raucher, Vice President and Head of Integrated Communications, Philips Consumer Lifestyle said:
“Today’s online savvy consumers expect a brand to do more than simply push its products. Consumers want brands to engage with them in an open and credible way. They also want brands to make entertaining content that they can discover for themselves and share online. ‘Nigel and Victoria’ is a great example of this, and we hope the public embrace the show.”

See also "It's my film" - part 2 and Subdued - part 3.

random trivia: when she was only 18 and a very pretty redhead, me and my partner insisted over our directors protests she was "too young" to cast Victoria Koblenko as the lead in a commercial. It's pretty funny that she has since become quite the star in the Netherlands, I should dig that ad up from VHS and put it in the archives so her fans can get a glimpse of her early career.

principal talent: Ben Willbond and Victoria Koblenko Production company:, Amsterdam, Holland Agency website: Creative Director: Maurice Wenneker Script/Directors: James Rawlings, Ben Bond (Hootcomedy) Director of Photography: Reinout Steenhuizen Executive producer: Robert Verberne Additional credits:created by and Hootcomedy

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  • martinwjordan's picture

    Lame lame lame....i thought the BT ads were crap but this.... NOOOOOO

    Sep 07, 2010
  • Neo's picture

    Why would anyone want to follow this "soap"?

    Sep 07, 2010

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