We can measure pretty much everything these days. Time. Distance. Seismic activity. Humidity. Age. But, why can't we measure fear? PlayStation and TBWA together with engineers and scientists developed the first machine able to measure fear, and named it after the scary game that was used in the test: The Until dawn Index.

Spanish news picked up on the story, while influencers and bloggers were test subjects for the machine. Tracking their heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, body heat balance, eye movement and pupil dilation the fear index of every participant was calculated in a one to five scale. The influencers each received a video showing their own Until Dawn Index scores along with all their measured data so that they shared them on their social networks. This resulted in unprecedented coverage for a videogame launch. There's only one remaining question. Can you handle it?

Advertising Agency: TBWA/ESPAÑA, Madrid, SPAIN Agency website: http://www.tbwa.es Advertiser team: Jorge Huget, Juan Jiménez, Mario Ballesteros, Sandra Pascoa, Susana Martín, Paloma Aragón General Creative Directors: Juan Sánchez, Guillermo Ginés Creative Directors: Luís Munné, Fran López Art Director: Fran López, Beatriz Botet, Eduardo Ustarroz Copywriter: Luis Munné, Elena Gonzalez Executive Producer: Mariluz Chamizo Producer: Elisa González Postproduction: Eduardo Ustarroz, Borja Garrido, Irune Angulo Account team: Nicole Möller, Ignacio Hortal, Marina Romillo Planners: Jesús Fuertes, Andrés González Print producers: Nuria Mazarío, Felipe García Digital production: Rebeca Garrobo Production Company: Espada y Santacruz Production Company website: http://www.espadaysantacruz.com/ Directors: Juan Espada y Miguel Santacruz Title: The Until Dawn Index