Rain triggered street pavement campaign for Sea Life aquarium in Scheveningen

When rain falls, as it tends to do in Scheveningen, this ad appears on the pavement with the tagline: "Sea Life never lets you go" enticing people to visit the Sea Life aquarium instead of running around the wet streets. The 'ink' on the pavement lasts for six to eight weeks, so there's ample time to see this new twist on pavement guerilla. Bonus: it's 'eco-freindly' in that it doesn't stick around too long like other chalk pavement campaigns have done. (I have no idea what's in the 'ink' so I can't vouch for it, but if you ever want to do this on cloth, pain your message with egg-white and iron the cloth for the same effect).

Client: Sea Life aquarium in Scheveningen
Created / developed by: Green Media FRESH GREEN ADS©