"This has so much metal potential" I hear people saying in excited voices in agencies around the world. Agencies where they seem to have forgotten that we all had the SETI@ home screensaver on every computer back in the 90s, lending our computing power to search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with Berkeley data whenever our macs fell asleep. Here we lend our Samsung phone's processing power to help the University of Vienna search for a cure for cancer while we sleep. "No data costs" the clip reminds us "if you're connected to your wifi", and then it goes on to breathlessly promise us that it won't check our contacts or emails or anything else and that's when the whole idea becomes a bit of a turn-off. We do have a lot of processing power in our phones these days, and I suppose reminding us of that was the point. Metal? Doubt it. Then again memories are short in this business.

Product: Samsung Power Sleep Client: Samsung