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Samsung - Seductive Motion - (2012) 1:39 (UK)


Samsung - Seductive Motion - (2012) 1:39 (UK)

Oh dear. Talk about silly. Woman waves in a window, and every single male across the street believes she's waving at him and him alone. Cue a whole bunch of men racing downstairs and across the street - even my ex-Fiancé (sorta), or at least the actor in the campaign I proposed to, Isaiah Mustafa a.k.a the old spice guy, which I'll admit is a very nice touch. Oh and that's the point. Don't touch. Just wave.
I'm afraid to get one of these TV's now, but since I look like a lesbian plumber in a wifebeater like that I shan't worry there'll be a stampede of men rushing to visit me when I'm minding my own and turning up the volume on "Top Gear".

Ad agency: BETC London


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