Directed by Tim K of Funny or Die’s commercial production division Gifted Youth, this spot for Skullcandy has Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving talking about how important it is to push yourself. Push to be stronger, push to be faster. It's the kind of manifesto spot that Gatorade was doing a few years ago before they got all Jock-hazing-a-nerd on us. In other words, headphones are more motivating. As for Push Play, I guess my mind is warped, but all I can think of is Aerosmith's song "Just push play." Help me, somebody.

Client: Skullcandy Production Company: Gifted Youth Director: Tim Ketchersid GY Producer: Omar Bustso GY Producer: Josh Martin Editorial & Post Production Company: Therapy Studios Editor: Doobie White Editorial Assistant: Amy Bostrom Sound Design & Mix: Eddie Kim Audio Assistant: Eric Shin Online Artist: Omar Inguanzo Sr. Producer: Allegra Bartlett Colorist: Beau Leon / Company3