Find the house of your dreams. This cinematic Americana-esque backdrop harkens back to John Ford in this tongue-in-cheek spot for French realtor estate network Square Habitat. The realtor, businesslike as ever, is ready to sell sell sell, even to pioneers. Cute.

BRAND CRÉDIT AGRICOLE/SQUARE HABITAT BRAND MANAGEMENT - Nicole Derrien / Olivier Nivault/ Sieglinde Sire/ Marie Genet AGENCY BETC AGENCY MANAGEMENT - Jean Charles Caboche - Marion Zarattin CREATIVE DIRECTOR - Stéphane Xiberras ARTISTIC DIRECTOR - Emmanuelle Maliakas ASSISTANT DA - Steven Poindron COPYWRITER - Alexandre Toso TRAFFIC - Michele Bertona TV PRODUCER - David Green PRODUCTION HOUSE - Control SOUND PRODUCTION - Schmooze DIRECTOR - Joachim Back

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