Starbucks Frappuccino “Express Your Love” - (2010) :30


Starbucks Frappuccino “Express Your Love” - (2010) :30

Have it your way. No wait. Yes. I mean..... Never mind, I need coffee.

Agency: BBD0 Worldwide, New York
Senior Creative Director: David Carter
Senior Art Director: Nessim Higson
Senior Copywriter: Jonathan Rosen
Executive Producer: Diane Hill

Production Company: Park Pictures, Bicoastal
Director/DP: Joaquin Baca-Asay
Executive Producer/Owner: Jackie Bisbee
Producer: Lalou Dammond
Head of Production: Dinah Rodriguez

Editorial: Butcher Edit, Santa Monica
Editor: Dave Henegar
Executive Producer: Rob Van
Producer: Chrissy Hamilton



What the fudge are they selling? I don't know what a "frappuccino" is but I don't want it to explode in my face or have dogs jump out of it. I guess they have to do something like this to disguise the fact that starbucks is overpriced shit coffee.

I think they had demo love, looking at OLD Magnus ice-cream ads from the UK. Like this one

I still don't get it. If eating chocolate did that to those people I sure as hell won't want to eat it. But at least the Magnum ad had some relevance to the product. Starbucks has dogs jumping around and things hitting people in the face like some carnival of the bizarre.

I don't get it either. It's a pretty way of executing "no idea".

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