The backseat. Where most of us sat for the first time. Cut to grandma and have the audience's minds fill in "and for the last time". The place we carry our most precious cargo. Our best friends. And so on. Oh dear, it's a manifesto of sorts, but for back seats.

That said, it looks like a really good back seat.

SPOT: Subaru “The Backseat Anthem” :60 AGENCY: Carmichael Lynch Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman Exec Creative Director: Randy Hughes Writer: Sheldon Clay Art Director: Jeff Terwilliger Director of Integrated Production: Joe Grundhoefer Content Producer: Tara DiNicola Business Manager: Vicki Oachs Account Service Team: David Eiben/ Krista Kelly/ Kate Moret Project Manager: Jennifer Abbey   PRODUCTION Production Company: RSA Director: Jake Scott Executive Producer: Tracie Norfleet Line Producer: David Mitchell Director of Photography: Chris Soos   POST PRODUCTION Edit House: The Whitehouse Editor: Rick Lawley Assistant Editor: Shane Reid VFX House / Online Artist(s): Steve Medin, Volt Telecine: Sean Coleman, Company 3 Audio Mix: Carl White, BWN Sound Design: Carl White, BWN   MUSIC Music Company: Stimmung   TALENT On-camera talent: Jeffrey Bomberger/ Christy Meyers/ Colette O’Connell/ Anne Jackson/ Emanuel Christopher/ Ron Allchin/ Reagan Carpentier/ Brooklyn Carpentier/ Duke Carpentier/ Claire Carpentier/ Gilbert Montoya/ Wonder Alexander. Voice Over Talent: Justin Beere