Swiftcover - Iggy Pop / Cruising with little Iggy - (2010) :30 (UK)


Swiftcover - Iggy Pop / Cruising with little Iggy - (2010) :30 (UK)

I'm having a hard time telling these two apart. Despite the previous swiftcover ad with Iggy Pop being banned, as musicians aren't covered, Swiftcover.com decided to use him again putting down £30million on this advertising campaign. The mini-me Iggy Pop puppet is created by the puppeteers behind the legendary Spitting Image.

Client: swiftcover.com



Worst ad of 2010 so far? Not sure any amount of cash is worth what this has done to the remainder of Iggy's credibility...

It is horrible. Worst part is I can't tell the difference between Iggy and the spitting image puppet. Which one is which?

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