With an obvious nod to The Jill and Kevin wedding entrance dance, T-mobile leaves the ad-as-event arena and settles for using only the ad-copying-already-succesful-virals part of their "Life's for sharing" campaign. The lookalikes are great, and probably had a lot of fun doing this, and it's always momentarily amusing to see "royals" gyrating. But there was nothing done in public this time involving an unsuspecting audience in the idea, and we find it less easy to forgive the viral-rip without the added layer of real world interaction underlining and encouraging people to share the event via their cellphones.

We can see why a W+K wedding scenario was chosen though, considering the hype about it in UK press. William and Kate's wedding will be shared, but T-Mobile has nothing to do with that, Diana and Charles' wedding was watched by 750 million people. We might wish for spontaneity or a guillotin at the real wedding, but this? Naah. The 90s track from East 17 "Everybody in the house of love" takes it from silly to plain awful.

(We used the royal we throughout this post. We are easily amused.)


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