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We were asked to remove it (not just once, but several times, backed by at least one lawyer), now that it's been posted by Take2 all over the web, we have reinstated this ad. Cuz we guess it's OK to post this now? Is it? What?

Animated, Designed and Produced – Tronic Studio Represented by H.S.I Director – Marco Brambilla Represented by TEG Music – Bjork Sound Design and Mix – Q Department Jesse Seppi – Lead 3D artist Markus Boos – 3D artist Johanes Kurnia – 3D artist Dennis Mejillones – 3D artist Ryan Lathey – 3D artist Allan Mckay – particles and fx Theo Daley – compositor Roland Womack- 3D artist Ruoyu Li – 3D artist Andre Cantarel – 3D artist Caius Wong – 3D artist Rick Vicens – 3D artist Joe Grundfast – 3D artist

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