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Rabbit in collaboration with Tennessee-based agency Tombras Group is springing to life with a pair of new spots for the Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Office (GHSO). The two :30s, directed by Lieven Van Baelen, debuted on networks across the state in mid-June to introduce the Volunteer State's Hundred Days Of Summer Heat traffic-safety campaign, a statewide effort to step up law enforcement against drunken drivers all season long.

In Nailed, one reckless driver after the next speeds through the countryside or along city streets, drinking at the wheel or spinning wildly out of control, when they are stopped dead by gigantic nails falling from the sky and impaling their vehicles. The nails are a can't-miss metaphor for both the deadly accuracy of Tennessee's law enforcement patrols and the drunk drivers' potential for creating catastrophic wreckage.

To create a realistic vision of each car behaving as though it were hit, Van Baelen used explosives in the tires and hoods over the course of several takes, both with the hood on and off. Two practical nails on set could be placed through the cars to create the final frames. VFX company, Nozon, then assisted with CG to tweak the movement and texture of both the nails and the cars, including the impact as the hood is impaled. Nozon editor Alain Dessauvage, helped to complete the spot under tight financial and time constraints.

The Tombras Group, which is handling the overall campaign, is supplementing Rabbit's spots with several on-the-ground efforts, including creating mobile displays of cars with giant nails affixed to them to reinforce the television spots. These advertisements will be placed on high-traffic streets and parking areas in Tennessee's five major media markets, with the windows in each featuring the "Drive Drunk, Get Nailed" message. Additional campaign components include a series of radio spots and posters, coasters and tent cards in bars.

Client: Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Office Spots Title: Everywhere, Nailed Air Date: June 2009 Agency: The Tombras Group Creative Director/Writer: Rob Simpson Creative Director/Art Director: Paul Szary Senior Account Executive: Amanda Lewis Production Supervisor: Sarah Holtz Producer: Mary Kondrat Prod Company: Rabbit Director: Lieven Van Baelen EP(s): Douglas Howell, Anura Idupuganti Producer: JD Davison Editorial: Nozon Editor: Alain Dessauvage Producer: James Vanderhaeghen and Linda Van Zeebroek Telecine: Nozon Post/Effects: Nozon Music: Howling Music (.Everywhere.) Composer: David Grow Sound Design: 740 Sound Design (.Nailed.) Sound Designer: Eddie Kim and Andrew Tracy Shoot Location: Nashville

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