Tide to Go Stainpen - Interview (2007) 0:30 (USA)


Tide to Go Stainpen - Interview (2007) 0:30 (USA)



Not a new spot, but GOLD, GOLD, GOLD.
Brilliant idea, insight, execution, casting - everything is perfect.

Genious! Also, I swear that stain speaks Swedish at some point. Probably just me ears messing with me - though the director is swedish so maaaybe....

It won a 2007 Cannes Silver Lion too.

Kickass ad.

Fantastic ad and deserving the superbowl spot. Why can't hey just create a new ad for the bowl this good, I wonder? Congrats to the creatives & agency, well done.

So the end of the spot for the Super Bowl directed people to mytalkingstain.com where they are asking people to create their own spoof of the ad on their youtube channel. The winning spoof will air on "Prime Time TV".

This is great,and it does sound like there's some Swedish thrown in there. "Personer, övers, fyra...".

Rate it a 4

How distracting a stain can really be!

Good audio to fit the bill!

This only got a 4.4 rating? It's fucking fantastic!

Adland posse is a really tough crowd youknow. ;)