Eating ice cream makes you feel good, so you're more receptive to saying yes. To prove this, Colenso BBDO New Zealand and Tip Top ice cream made some custom sticks with questions submitted by consumers, hand delivered them, and then watched what happened. The results? 97% of the people who had a Tip Top said yes to whatever question was asked. They increased their reach on social media. And as a challenger brand to Unilever, they took some of the market share, too. Simple idea based on an actual insight? Yup. Still effective. Also, can I just say how awesome Tip Top's logo and type face is? Nostalgic in all the right places.

Client: Tip Top
Agency: Colenso BBDO New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Steve Cochran
Copy Writer: Oriel Davis-Lyons
Art Director: Beth O'Brien
Group Account Director: Richard Birkby
Planner: Sarah Oberman
Executive Producer: Tim Freeman

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