Twist Director/DP Rich Michell, who has established himself as a Director that can skillfully shoot both table-top and people, has once again proven his unique talent with the latest series of commercials for Union Bank. Shot against a white background and using bank employees to visually tell the customer's stories by pulling symbolic props on-screen, these commercials effectively communicate that Union Bank is there for customers through all the roadblocks, adventures, and milestones life may bring.

Client: Union Bank & Trust
Spot Titles: "Joe's Nursery,” “Retirement,” “Sarah’s New Job,” “Tina’s Locations,” “Mary’s Bakery”
Location of Shoot: Minneapolis, MN

Advertising Agency: Swanson Russell
Creative Director: Brian Boesche
Copywriter: Charlie Stephan
Art Director: Lisa Lorraine

Production Company: Twist/New York & Minneapolis
Director/DP: Rich Michell
President/Executive Producer: Jim Geib
Executive Producer: Amyliz Pera
Staff Reps: Kathryn Lotis, Rob Neill
Line Producer: Dave Bellmont

Editorial/Post/Audio Company: Splice/Minneapolis
Editor: Chadwick Nelson
Assistant Editor: Joanna Day Fuerst
Colorist & Online Editor: Michael Sandness
Mixer: Kent Militzer
Executive Producer: Kel Nelson
Post Producer: Lynn Anderson
Digital Delivery: Mark Abney


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