US Census - Biffle-de-Sac - (2010)


US Census - Biffle-de-Sac - (2010)

Rabbit Director Trevor McMahan, working through Draft FCB, just finished an amusing and technically challenging :30 promoting this year's US Census.

Biffle-de-Sac opens on a man watering his lawn in a tranquil suburban cul-de-sac. The peaceful scene is soon disrupted, however, as NASCAR driver Greg Biffle squeals onto the scene in his number 16 car and begins spinning in rubber-pealing circles. As his Ford flies through its epic brodie and the neighbors smile and wave, Biffle delivers a rundown of all the reasons every US citizen should complete the 2010 census.

The spot presented interesting production challenges, since the camera had to more or less stay locked on Biffle's face even as the car stayed in constant motion. McMahan solved this problem in large part by rigging a camera to shoot from the hood, capturing Biffle's speech as the car spins and shakes. These seismic narrative scenes are interspersed with street-level views of the shaking car leaving smoke in its wake. A panoramic shot of the pavement and several surrounding houses dominates the end of the spot, as Biffle does a final spin and backs into his driveway, leaving a rubber-scarred mess of a street in his wake and delivering the punch line - that the US Census will help allocate each community its fair share of resources to fix our schools, hospitals... and roads.

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Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike

Client: US Census
Spots Title: Biffle-de-Sac
Air Date: March 2010

Agency: Draft FCB
EVP, Chief Creative Officer: Michael Simons
SVP, Group Creative Officer: Gary Resch
VP/CD(s): Michael Fetsko, John Palisay
EP: Kelly Fagan
Producer: Bailey Kindlon

Prod Company: Rabbit
Director: Trevor McMahan
DP: Matt Santo
EP: Douglas Howell
Producer: Anura Idupuganti
Production Supervisor: Alice Peschl

VFX Supervisor: Luis Gurgitano
Lead SFX: Johnny Becker

Sound: Mike Cavell


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