Veikkaaja is the biggest sports magazine in Finland. It covers both Ice Hockey and Football, but each year the sales drop when the Hockey season is over and Football season starts.

It was time for the Football World Cup. Veikkaaja needed to boost both football and its sales. Again without a national team in the final tournament.

INSIGHT: Finland is not a Great Football Nation but it is a Great Nation of Sport Fans.

The football fans in Finland are passionately cheering for other nations as it would be their own.

CAMPAING IDEA: We created an imaginary company that sold Finnish Football fans to other nations

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Advertising Agency: hasan & partners Creative Director: Anssi Järvinen Art Director: Mikael Nemeschansky Copywriter: Lasse Paasto Graphic Designer: Jarkko Talonpoika Producer: Antti Zetterberg & Liisa Frick Account Director: Jussi Lindholm Additional credits: Björn Axel Sjöblad, Johannes Lassila, Sanna Rantanen, Teemu Neiglick, Jani Halme, Tuomas Peltoniemi, Terhi Hakli