Vitaminwater: "Time to collect" with Adrian Peterson Gary Busey and Shaq (2010)

Here's Gary Busey acting extra crazaaay with his one-eye-is-larger-than-the-other trademark. He's a Fantasy Football Lawyer, demanding compensation for Adrians Fantasy Football rights. Why yes, that is Shaquille O'Neal and America Olivio in cameos.

Client: vitaminwater Creative Agency: Zambezi Media Agency: Starcom MediaVest Group Digital Agency: Noise THE TEAM (CREDITS) Agency: Zambezi Managing Director: Chris Raih Creative Director: Brian Ford Associate Creative Director: Kevin Buth Art Directors: Kevin Buth, Justin Lesinski Copywriters: Brian Ford, Aaron Small Agency Producer: Alex Cohn, Josh Hersko Group Account Director: Pete Brown Account Supervisor: Dana Valikai Live Action: Production Company: Caviar Director: Jake Syzmanksi Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata Executive producers: Jasper Thomlinson, Micheal Sagol Still Photography: Jordan Nuttall Editorial: Zambezi Editor: Ling Ly Audio Mixer/CC: Ling Ly Talent: Gary Busey Adrian Peterson America Olivo Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Bryant
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And the reason they spent this money on this dumb spot is??? It doesn't sell the brand at all. It's not half as funny as it should be. Will be nice though when Vitamin Water loses the lawsuit about falsely advertising health benefits and the Judge is determining the fine. He will think because they have so much money to waste on this drivel they should pay more LOL