Tabitha a.k.a @fox_girl313 tweeted "aaah, I'm out of wheat thins, my life is officially over" and the CrunchIsCalling Wheat Thins posse went into action, delivering a lot of wheat thins to her door.

Stuart Elliott in the NYT has written about this, Food Brands Get Sociable on Facebook and Twitter, making Tabitha have her official 15 minutes of fame. She even has pictures of her wheat thins delivery on Facebook if you want to befriend her. Wheat thins mobile unit has a channel on youtube and you're likely to see more of these sorts of wheat thin deliveries soon. You can also follow @CrunchIsCalling if you, like Tabitha, think your life is over without wheat thins.

(hate to be a killjoy, but all she's ever tweeted about seems to be wheat thins - 16 tweets in total, she's only got 54 friends, and the way she said "oh my gosh" instead of "god" was just so perfectly made for TV...gee I wonder if this is real at all.)

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  • Dabitch's picture

    If I don't act a little cynical once a day, they're gonna kick me out of the heartless bitches club. Seriously. It says so right here on my membership card. Yup.

    Jul 01, 2010
  • theescapepod's picture

    oh i'm the same way Dabitch. some call me a cynic. i tell those people to f**k off!

    Jul 01, 2010
  • HowieSPM's picture

    And you wonder why I am friends with you both! Vinny called me a contrarian I felt honored!

    Jul 02, 2010

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