The new Yellow Pages Mobile App helps anybody find a local answer for whatever they might be looking for. In these commercials we put the app through a torture test by showing how three very distinctive characters use it to keep their life running smoothly.

AGENCY: TAXI 2, Toronto, Canada EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Lance Martin ART DIRECTOR : Troy McGuinness WRITER : Cam Boyd AGENCY PRODUCER: Cynthia Heyd / Alina Prussky PRODUCTION HOUSE: Steam Films (Toronto) / Pioneer! (Argentina) DIRECTOR: Benjamin Weinstein PRODUCTION HOUSE PRODUCER : Gillian Marr, Steam Films / Natalia Mussolana, Pioneer! EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Krista Marshall, Steam Films CINEMATOGRAPHER: Brendan Steacy EDITOR: Brian Williams EDITING COMPANY/POST PRODUCTION: Posterboy (Toronto) COMPOSITOR / ONLINE: Crush MOTION GRAPHICS: Buck COLOURIST / TRANSFER: Alter Ego AUDIO POST FACILITY / MUSIC HOUSE: Pirate, Toronto / Human, NYC AUDIO DIRECTOR: Tom Eymundson, Pirate, Toronto

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Ha! I like Randy, 90% muscle and oil - his wink with the biceps settled it.

    Apr 06, 2010

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