Adidas plans to "street ad" a street art wall in Poland - meets resistance from Polish graffiti fans

This wall is the mecca of the Warsaw graffiti scene. Nearly 1.5 km of the living canvases covered with multicolored graffiti. This is a very important place for the Polish hip-hop scene. This is where the DVD was filmed and there arose an unforgettable work of graffiti artists from around the world. Once full of light, recently declined. Do not change the fact that every self-respecting grafficiarz knows this place, you had to be there and paint even one job.

The Adisucks facebook page has kicked up a bit of a mediastorm in Poland, as they object to the fact that Adidas now plans to use the free graffiti wall to showcase graffiti ads - and has already begun the process by covering half of it with black paint. A process that's been filmed by fans of the wall.

"The biggest Polish graffiti in the gallery district of Warsaw Służewiec is being destroyed by Adidas Poland. (...) By your great ad, one of the most important elements of the Polish street art disappears. Is this how you show your support for the street culture?" - this comment appeared on Adidas company's profile page, a facebook event "not to paint over the wall służewieckiej" had more than two thousand people signed up within hours. Even more - nearly 30,000 people - have signed up to the facebook group Adisucks.

Wonder how Adidas will save face here, obviously they can't just paint their planned ad on the wall anymore. That's the thing when playing with counter culture, there are fans of it who don't appreciate corporate culture playing in their playground. Remember the Sony PSP advertising? Didn't Adidas have zero tolerance against graffiti? Oh, right, that was in Australia.

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