Today's coldest tweet: "#Aurora is trending" by celebboutique to shill dresses + update, they apologized

#Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired #Aurora dress ;) Shop:....(link redacted), tweeted @celebboutique at 7:35 PM - 20 Jul, and people are retweeting it shocked that a brand tweeter can be that clueless. Are they though? The "Official Twitter of" might just be using spam tactics in getting as many retweets as possible in todays link economy, callously counting on the retweets to ensure being seen by as many human eyeballs as possible. The initial response is overwhelmingly negative.

Meanwhile, a twenty something year old at Nextgenjournal explains "Why every social media manager should be under 25" because us old farts in our 40s "...who are tweeting with their iPhone apps have no idea that the old way to do it was by texting 40404. ", except of course that's how I started using twitter and maybe, just maybe, old farts would do better than to try and sail on the coat tails of a horrific shooting in a movie theatre that killed 12 and injured 70 people, to shill some skimpy dresses.

As you can see by the updated Storify story they have apologized for their tweet.