Somersby "Friendsie" (2014) :30 (Denmark)

Somersby "Friendsie"  (2014) :30 (Denmark)

Selfies are annoying. Friendsies are better. This campaign for Somersby cider (a Carlsberg brand), features Lord Somersby, promoting togetherness, instead of self-promotion. Lord Somersby not only gets us together, but he even invented poking. Nice.


Opel "The Hypnotized Test Drive" (2014) 2:13 (Denmark)

Opel "The Hypnotized Test Drive" (2014)  2:13 (Denmark)

Opel has a problem. A lot of Danes think it is a boring car. To help change this, Danish agency Uncle Grey went to greta lengths to change this perception-- literally. First they held a focus group, hearing people describe how boring Opel was.


Tuborg "Roast Goose" (2014) :30 *Denmark)

Tuborg "Roast Goose" (2014) :30 *Denmark)

Don't understand why Tuborg beer is showing you how to prepare a roast goose? Maybe it'll make more sense if you see the ad from whence it came. Or maybe not.


Tuborg "Goose Bumps" (2014) :15 (Denmark)

Tuborg  "Goose Bumps" (2014) :15 (Denmark)

It's not really supposed to make sense, it's part of a larger spot for Tuborg.


Tuborg "Cute Bear" (2014) :35 (Denmark)

Tuborg "Cute Bear" (2014)  :35 (Denmark)

What happens if you say no to a bear in the new Tuborg campaign.


Tuborg Reggae Bear" 1:20 (2014) (Denmark)

Tuborg  Reggae Bear"  1:20 (2014) (Denmark)

Don't mind this weirdo thing. It's part of a larger campaign for Tuborg. It won't make sense on its own. Actually it won't make sense in context either, but you know.


Tuborg "The greatest party of all time" (2014) :45 (Denmark)

Tuborg "The greatest party of all time" (2014) :45 (Denmark)

Carlsberg's Tuborg takes us down a rabbit hole with this new spot called The Greatest Party of All time.

You could be missing the greatest part of all time. in a mansion with an overlord and girls who won prizes for being girls.


Game of Thrones Dragon Parking

To help promote HBO Nordic's Game of Thrones season 4 premiere, Copenhagen agency SELIGEMIG, put up dog parking signs made for dragons, next to the normal ones, outside stores and supermarkets in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. Nice use of media space.


Spies - Do It For Denmark! - (2014) 2:00 (DK)

Spies - Do It For Denmark! - (2014) 2:00 (DK)

Denmark's homegrown travel agency to the sun, Spies travel, has come out with this ad that announces a competition to the Danish population to get it on. It's called the ovulation-competition.


Super Dæck Service "Name Change" (1:10) (Denmark)

Super Dæck Service "Name Change" (1:10) (Denmark)

Super Dæk Service wants you to know it's now called Super Dæk Værksted. (That last word, I am told, means auto-shop.) To get the word out, they made a very over the top spot on how they are getting the word out.