Samsung CCTV - Wide angle / Flat heads / flat faces - print, Korea

Everyone who thinks this looks like the Sanyo Floating head system from 07 raise a hand!

Disregarding that, what a kickass poster campaign for wide-angle CCTV. Except it doesn't show you what the wide angle advertised does, because it likely isn't flattening peoples faces until they're unrecognisable. If it is, I'll buy another CCTV system, thanks very much, as the point of having one is to identify people.

Yeah yeah, I know, exaggerate the idea, I'm just saying this is a very unlikely approved one for CCTV. I may be wrong and there's CCTV magazine in Seoul that look like 90s Maxim, & billboards all over town enticing security companies with this visual feast. Sure. That can happen.

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